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Hey, we're X Lovers. We're two 20 year olds from a superrr small town in Northern California.

We became best friends when we were 10 and started our first band together a year later. Feeling ready to conquer the universe, we began touring all around Northern California when we were in 8th grade which led to some of the sickest experiences we've ever had. When we first started playing shows, nobody wanted to book 12 year olds, so we started throwing a ton of house shows, street performances, etc., eventually creating our own little culture which local venues could no longer ignore. Those will always be some of our best memories.

Anyway, fast forward to Senior year of high school, we became tired of relying on other people to see our vision through, so we invested every cent we had made from touring into moving to LA and buying a super simple studio set up. We gave ourselves a year to solely focus on learning how to produce which brings us right here, right now, writing this bio a couple weeks before we begin releasing the soundtrack to our lives.

From the first time we ever played music together, we had no doubt in our minds we could make our wildest dreams come true. Now, as we begin releasing music, we would be eternally grateful if you joined us on that journey.


allll the love,

London + Jacob (X Lovers)






P. (610)-675-6108

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